Saturday, March 1, 2014


I admire Danny's persistence...I would have given up the battle more than an hour ago. After receiving a pretty good amount of IV fluids and drinking water orally, Danny finally feels the urge to urinate. His bladder feels full and despite his valiant efforts, so far nothing! This began at 12:00 am and it is now almost 2:00 am. I'm not sure what else he could do to force his body to urinate. He rotates between sitting, standing, bedside, bathroom, running water, silence, praying out loud, praying quietly...His pain medicine pump is now out of medicine and is beeping steadily and loudly. He refuses to call the nurse in to refill the medicine because then the nurse would do the bladder scan to know exactly how much urine Danny has, and then the nurse would probably have to do another in and out catheter...Danny (against my advice) is choosing not to call the nurse about the pain medicine being out and is absolutely determined to go to the bathroom on his own...even though that means he will be totally behind on pain medicine. 

Persistence. Like I said, I would have given up already!! Clearly the catheter hurts pretty badly for him to give up pain medicine for now. The nurse told Danny he was going to give him until midnight to use the bathroom and then comes the bladder scan, a call to the doctor with results, and probably in and out! It's two hours after midnight and still the nurse hasn't come in. That means Danny is seriously running out of time!!! Who will win the battle of the wills...Will Danny be able to urinate on his own without pain medication? Or, will he be forced to give up by the nurse??!!?!?! Stay tuned...

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