Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hernia Repair Surgery is Over!

The hernia repair surgery went well. Danny was in recovery for a couple of hours and is now in a room. Unlike all the other times he has stayed in this hospital, this is a semi-private room. The other patient and his family are loud and have been comparing DWI stories. The patient is walking around in his underwear and they keep pushing his tray with his urinal on it into Danny's half of the room. Each patient has a curtain to act as a door and I can tell you it's not much of a door!!!! They are coughing a lot and the germs are freaking me out and I'm not a germaphobe by any means...we have been trained to be careful around sick people with Danny since transplant. I'm just not sure how this room is beneficial to his health!

The left tray is the other patient's...urinal and all. Gross!

On another note, Danny's pain has been at a 10 since surgery and it seems like the most recent pain medicine has helped some because he is finally sleeping. 

This is his description of the pain: 

~~It's like someone is sawing through his body starting at the layer right under his skin. The sawing never gets to the point where the cut goes all the way through though. Instead, it remains at the point where the saw teeth are trying to grind through the abdominal muscles. Anytime he moves his torso at all, the pain shoots up from a 10 to a 50.  

The surgeon said he put the mesh up over the bottom of Danny's ribs to make it harder for the hernia to come back out of the top. The mesh is sewed (tacked) down along the sides and bottom and the top left and right corners. I think I said before that the problem is that he couldn't tack the mesh down properly along the top of the hernia because he can't sew into rib bone! There's a 20-40% change of the hernia coming back but even if it does, it could be so minor that it wouldn't require repair. 

That leads me to the specific prayer requests:

  • Pain under control quickly
  • Quick healing and recovery
  • Discharge tomorrow
  • Hernia never returns
  • Peace and strengthened faith for Maggie and Charlie
  • Finances
Thank you for reading and praying for us!!


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