Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 5

Danny is in the transplant step down unit and is recovering well. That doesn't in any way lessen the pain he's in however. He told me his nurse today likened his pain to six gun shot wounds in a straight line across his abdomen (one hole where the LVAD exit line was and five chest tube holes from the transplant surgery). That doesn't even deal with the incision going from his neck straight down to his belly button area, and cutting through lots of muscle and even more scar tissue. Geez...I whine when I have a smashed toe!!! 

The nurses are training Danny on how to take his meds. I haven't been at the hospital with him since he's been doing that (stuck in BR with a sinus infection), so I'm excited to learn also. 

After surgery at some point they point an external defibrillator and pacemaker on him and took that off today. They were supposed to take the central line out of his neck today and I think he only has one more chest tube left in. His mom reminded me that one week ago today his parents and sister were listening to the hum of his LVAD with a stethoscope and today he has a real beating heart!! That's the truest sense of the word. 

Sister listening to LVAD one week ago
one week later, a real beating heart!!

Danny told me that the nurse in the ICU gave misinformation and I'm glad. He can eat raw fruits and veggies, they just all have to be washed very carefully to clean off any bacteria or pesticides. 

I'm so excited to be able to go to the hospital and stay with him tomorrow. I will have to wear a mask if I feel any symptoms returning. He has to wear a mask if he ventures outside of his hospital room...not that he's wanting to venture anywhere right now!! 

Thanks for praying...we know many people are and it is through the strength of the Lord that we are able to deal with all of this so keep the prayers coming!!

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