Monday, December 30, 2013

Still Here

Well...We got hopeful too soon. Danny's chest tube drained over 80 cc this morning between 3-9 am. The nurse was quite sure that it drained out when he got up to walk or use the restroom, but it actually was before he had gotten out of the bed for the morning. Wisdom said to not try to explain that to the nurse because this one isn't a great listener! Anyway, he has drained over 200 cc in the last 24 just wasn't obvious to the nurses who chart the amount in the computer because they are not all recording the amounts at the three routine times a day like they are supposed to be doing. A nurse from the surgical team came up this morning to verify that the tube was ready to be pulled and was not happy when she looked at the actual amount of fluid in the box compared to what had been charted in the computer. As much as we want the chest tube out because it hurts so badly, it's vital that as much fluid be drained out as possible. Though the tube (connector) is not fully clogged, it must be partly because of the way fluid is constantly sitting in the tube rather than draining out completely. The surgery nurse saw the logic in that immediately and agreed that it doesn't make sense at all for fluid to stay in a tube unless there is some sort of clog. I don't know of they are going to change out the tubing or not. First step is to get them to accurately chart the drainage! 

Danny was scheduled for his daily chest x-ray this morning...he has one every morning as long as he has a chest tube to check for proper placement and fluid levels. His limousine ( came to get him and it wasn't the x-ray techs. Instead it was the cath lab nurses. The doctors changed his biopsy that was scheduled for tomorrow to this morning. We were surprised but both a little glad (me more than him I'm sure) because that doesn't allow Danny much time to stress out over the biopsy. Heart biopsies hurt even when done by an expert! Needless to say, he isn't going to be in a very cheerful mood the rest of the day and he will sleep. The pain and stress takes everything out of him...

I don't know if they're going to do a chest x-ray or not. Since the fluid amount prevents him from having the chest tube removed today, they might as well skip the x-ray today, but who knows!! 

I took a pic of Danny pulling his morning meds and them all spread out. Then, he takes more throughout the day. I'm scared to see what insurance will cover. The anti-rejection medicines can run up to about $3000 per day. That's scary!! 
Pulling meds

This is missing 3 medicines...

I need to figure out medicare...Other transplant patients have told us to get started on all of that because medicare covers the amount of the medicine that his primary insurance doesn't. ...but they are on disability too. Danny will be going back to work full time and doesn't need disability. Trying to understand all of that and knowing where to go to get correct answers is overwhelming. Definitely a matter or prayer because I know that the Lord is able to guide us in the right place!

Danny just back from the biopsy and it was much easier this time...Danny still had the same complication (PVC...I don't know what that is other than it's some type of shock or nerve issue when they take the biopsy) but a doctor did it who has done thousands so he knew to talk Danny through what would happen and what it would feel like, so it was much more tolerable. Danny requested that doctor for all future biopsies 

Looking good after the biopsy today! 

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