Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Back in Ochsner

The nurse called us yesterday and told us to go to admitting at Ochsner between 2-3 pm today. They are admitting him tonight for observation and pre-op prep for surgery tomorrow. We don't have much information yet about what's going to happen tomorrow. The nurse told me that there are two issues...the first that needs to be corrected is the mysterious problem they see on the CT. It's either fluid/pus/or infection trapped toward the bottom of his sternal incision and they believe that's the cause of the majority of his pain. The second issue is the non-joining of his sternum. We (or the nurse) doesn't know if his sternum will need to be re-broken to heal properly or if the removal of whatever fluid type stuff is trapped in there will help the sternum to heal properly on its own. We just now got in a room (7:15 pm--sat in admitting since 3:30 pm) and haven't seen the on call doctor yet. He or she may or may not know details of the plan for tomorrow. The good news is that the surgeon doing the surgery tomorrow knows exactly what's going on!!

Ok--so the doctor on call tonight just came in and has no idea what the deal is. He's going to call the heart team and tell them Danny's in a room and see what needs to be done tonight. As frustrating as it is (not really for us because we are used to it), I can tell this is going to be a "fluid" hospital stay. We probably won't know what's going on until tomorrow morning...or maybe not!! None of that maters to us very much. We are just grateful to be here and the surgeon will do something tomorrow to begin to solve the problem!!

I will post again when I have more info...Pray for doctor's wisdom, successful surgery, pain relief, information for us so we can tell family... thanks! ~T

Now it's about 10:00 pm. An anesthesiologist just came in to get release signed. He had no idea what type of surgery Danny is having...all they know is who the doctor is so they don't ask questions. He had Danny sign releases for 2 types of anesthesia so they're prepared to do whatever they need. Then a heart surgeon on call came in and said surgery is at 7:00 am but that's really all he knows. He's not sure if Danny's sternum will need to be broken open again for this surgery or not. So all we can do is wait and see what the surgeon finds tomorrow!! We really like this doctor and feel very comfortable with whatever he needs to do. 

D will have pre-op tests and labs throughout the night tonight...

Will add more when I know more!! ~T

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