Monday, February 24, 2014

Mystery complication solved

Danny and I went to New Orleans today and saw the doctors. The surgeon was able to look at the actual CT film today (Danny had the CT done in Baton Rouge so Friday the doctors were only looking at a digital image) and identified the source of pain without needing an MRI. 

Danny has a surgical non-union of the sternum. In simple terms that means that after the transplant his sternal incision did not heal correctly. Apparently this is not a RARE complication, but it isn't a COMMON one either. It's somewhere in between. The surgeon who did Danny's LVAD (unfortunately he was out of town the day of transplant or he would have done both surgeries) is going to repair Danny's sternum. The doctors also think there is fluid trapped inside of him, which could likely hold infection. We are not yet sure when the doctor is going to be able to surgically repair his chest but certainly hope that it's soon as Danny is in excruciating pain. The nurse is going to call tomorrow to let us know the plan. We aren't happy that his chest incision didn't heal correctly (either by error or by no fault), but are happy that the doctors see the problem and will be able to fix it. I would imagine that the recovery from surgery #3 will be faster and easier than the first two.

I will update tomorrow when I know more details...

Thanks for being faithful to pray for Danny and our family!


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