Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maybe a Heart??

I'm feeling so anxious right now! As soon as they were done doing the echo to check on the leaky valve, a surgeon came in and told us there is a possible donor heart available. He ordered a bunch of blood work to be prepared for transplant. Danny is second on the list for this particular heart. Doctors anticipate that the #1 person will get it, but they always have a backup just in case. There could be tissue or blood issues, or the patient may decide he/she doesn't want this heart for whatever reason. Anyway, definitely we want God's will because that IS what's best--but we want this to be the heart for Danny. It would be so wonderful to have a transplant instead of an LVAD and then transplant later.

Back to the leaky valve...It is leaking but not bad enough to cancel the balloon. Danny is in the cath lab right now having the balloon put in. When the balloon is in, he moves to another area where they can monitor him a bit closer. I'm packing up things right now because as soon as the nurses know which room we are moving to, I will go ahead and go there. It is a little sad leaving room 347, we have been here since 8/9!! Apparently we will know about the transplant by 8-9 pm tonight.


Thank You!


Oh-by the way, it was a good day all day--no vomiting PRAISE GOD and Danny shaved! He was starting to look like a mountain man. He even paid some bills...

Him feeling so good today is what pushed him so high on the list for this heart. They always want to take advantage of good days because there are so many bad ones.

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  1. Praying! So, wonderful that he's having a good day, today! I hope it just keeps getting better. God Bless!