Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What a Day

A phrase to NEVER say to Danny: "Uh oh-you're unplugged!" I was talking about the laptop and he just about came flying out of the bed in fear thinking I was referring to him. (He is already plugged into the wall for the night...) Wow...I really need to watch what I say! 

Last night we made a schedule for today. It took us almost an hour to make the schedule because we really tried to think though it and make it practical. 

Oops...I fell asleep so now it's Tuesday!!
It didn't work out as we had planned. The LVAD coordinator came in and we were tested for about 3 hours on instructions, safety warnings, indicator lights and alarms, emergency situations, etc...

Later, he was going on a lap around the 3rd floor and got super dizzy and sat down. A nurse who was walking by noticed how pale and shaky he was got a wheelchair and pushed him back to the room. The nurses were not able to find a pulse using the Doppler (can't find a pulse with a regular BP cuff on LVAD patients). After about 45 minutes they heard a very light pulse that was extremely low. It was determined that Danny's BP medicines had been given and/or changes too aggressively and it just hit him all at once. So, they won't give him any BP meds last night and this morning his numbers are okay so far!

Today is excursion day!!!! That means Danny and I are free to go anywhere on the Ochsner campus for 8 hours. If he feels okay and we are able to manage all (potential) LVAD issues properly, then we should be able to go home tomorrow...Thursday at the latest I think. The thing that would hold us up one more day is tweaking the BP meds more.

Anyway, yaaaaay!!! I get to eat at one of the two (or maybe both) of the cafeterias in his hospital with Danny instead of alone!! Also, can you see what's missing in this picture?

Yep, no IVs...Praise God!!!!!!!!!

Prayer request other than for Danny on the excursion...Maggie is struggling with us being gone. She has had a couple of melt downs in school this week and her teachers are super supportive, but we know that the Lord is the problem solver. Pray for her comfort, organization, (un, dis, non???)-procrastination :) with school work, peace, faith, strength, etc...Maggie internalizes most everything so I can see how she would seem fine through all of this and then finally get to the point where she just cries and melts down. Thanks for praying for our Mags today!!!

I'm so excited to walk through the hospital, holding my husband's hand!! Thank you, Lord, for such a speedy recovery so far.


  1. Just found out what's been going on with Danny through a mutual friend. Our prayers are with you all for Danny's health and for the Lord to continue carrying you day by day through this journey and bring you strength, comfort, endurance, and all that you need during this storm in your lives.
    The Quantrille Family
    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."