Friday, September 6, 2013

Post Op Day 1

We are 24 hours post op and full of gratitude to God for keeping Danny safe during surgery.  Though he is in serious  pain,  he's moving all his body parts, breathing on his own, and is alert and talking.  We were told that recovery would be difficult and so far it's living up to its reputation!   But hey.... We're okay with that!  Today's goals: get pain under control, sit up, remove balloon.

They are letting me stay with Danny tonight, which was not part of the original plan, but helps him get well more quickly, which translates to going home more quickly.  Trust me, after being in the hospital for 4 weeks today, we are really looking forward to going home.  We have a huge manual we have to KNOW and be able to apply before they let us leave. We will have an 8 hour test that evaluates our ability to deal with emergencies that could come up with Danny's mechanical heart.

He is progressing so well at this point that they might move him to a step down unit tomorrow or the next day rather than in a week or two!  That's my Danny, an overachiever!!!

Thanks to you all who are praying for us.   We sense His presence and the prayers of His people!  We will keep you posted!

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  1. So wonderful and amazing! Very glad he's doing so well. Thank the Lord :)