Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Trusting God's Perfect plan

No heart this time. The first person on the list got this one. I really am glad for him because I know how he and his family feel, but at the same time we are grieving at the lost possibility. We are also grieving for the person who died today and thankful for their gift of life for someone else.

He is scheduled for the LVAD (mechanical heart pump) on Thursday. If it's the Lord's will for him to have a transplant rather than an LVAD and transplant later on, God will make a heart available before Thursday.

I know that God's plans are best. No doubt. But still, sometimes those plans hurt so badly! I pray that God will help us trust in His wisdom and love for Danny. As our Father, God wants the very best--we just don't always know or understand what that is. That's where faith comes in. It takes faith to trust God even when you don't understand what or why things are happening. Faith to know for sure that the Lord knows what's best and we can trust Him blindly. For me, right now, I'm praying for that kind of faith second by second because this is so hard!!

Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to learn even deeper about faith! Thank you that you know what's best for Danny, you have a plan, and you love him even more than I do...

Second issue: The balloon pump they put in earlier is having some issues. The balloon itself is pumping, but no one is able to flush the line or pull back (draw blood out). This means there may be a blood clot or something. The doctors are in the room right now trying to figure out a plan. It has been suggested that they may need to pull the balloon out and do it again. Danny doesn't want that! Doctor just said its not a dire emergency, but they will probably have to redo it. For now, they will continue to monitor closely.

Good news: Still NO nausea...all last night and today!!! Yaaaay God for hearing and answering that prayer!!

Thank you, Readers, for your prayers!!

~ Tricia

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